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Barrie’s blog on Interaction Profiling:InteractionProfilingConceptsLinkedInLarge

Barrie’s Interaction Profiling Article on BPM.com

Better BPM – 1 Success Through Simplicity

Better BPM – 2 Interaction Profiling Definitions and Design

Better BPM – 3 Table-Driven Validation Designs

Better BPM – 4  Table-Driven BPM Designs

Better BPM – 5  Interaction Profiling Security Designs

Better BPM – 6  Interaction Profiling Auditing Provisions

Better BPM – 7  Determining interaction Profiles for an Application

Better BPM – 8  Sales Order Processing Prototype

Better BPM – 9  Profile Metadata Maintenance

Better BPM – 10 Prototype Sample Screens and Reports

Better BPM – 11 Prototype Design Framwork Scope and Metrics

Better BPM – 12 Series Conclusions and Wrap-Up

InteractionProfilingvsBiztalkExampleProcessforBlogMidland Microcomputers Limited is an Ottawa-Canada-based Information Systems Consultancy specializing in information systems consulting and the application of Microsoft and Internet/Intranet technology to federal and commercial business. Recent work includes a comprehensive Case Tracking / Investigation Management solution design, development and implementation using SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services, plus Visual Studio .Net, VB.NET, C#.Net, ASP.NET. Other projects include client-server, web-based and RAD (Rapid Application Development) technology on LAN and WAN (Windows, SQL Server, Oracle) platforms.

Our President, Mr. Barrie Gray offers an unusual blend of information systems expertise combined with a very comprehensive technical knowledge and excellent report-writing skills. He has in-depth experience in information systems consulting, project management, systems and programming management on mainframes (15 years) as well as over 30 years technical experience with mini- and micro- computers (PC LANs and Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2K/2003/XP/7 being particular foci). Barrie has had numerous technical articles published on OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), development tools (Visual Basic.Net, C#, Access and C++) and Windows NT/2000 in Computing Canada.

Midland Microcomputers Limited also offers a comprehensive, business planning and performance management product (BMS) which is in successful operation in two Government departments, a browser-based, scheduling information database (EasiDB), plus technology for bilingualising Visual Basic and MS Access applications.

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